French Tax rebate for international production (TRIP)

The TRIP supports foreign production companies whose projects are completely or partly made in France.

To be eligible, projects must include cultural elements related to French and European culture, heritage or territory.

Eligibility is based on a Cultural Test, which assesses the relativity of the story, locations, characters, sources, landmarks, creators, crew and technical hubs.

For VFX-intensive and animated films, there is a dedicated Cultural Test acknowledging the singularities of the genre.

The TRIP is selectively granted by the CNC and Film France to the line producer of the work in France.

The amount represents 20% (30% from Jan 1st 2016) of the eligible film expenses incurred in France, and caps at €20M (USD $22M) per project (€30M / USD $33M from Jan 1st 2016), and a minimum spending of €1M of qualifying expenditures in France or incur at least 50% of the production budget, when the world budget is below €2M.


canadian / québec tax credit

Québec offers some of the most advantageous tax rebates available in North America: 20 % cash-back on all expenses, 16 % bonus on all CGI and Green screen shots applicable on extended eligible labor, with no minimum spend nor caps.

Plus, at the federal level, you get an additional tax incentive of 16%, net of any assistance, of eligible labour expenditures within Canada (CISP).


Belgium Tax Shelter System

The Belgian Tax Shelter is a government-approved tax incentive designed to encourage the production of films and one of the very few audiovisual systems that applies to the whole of Belgium rather than to a particular language community.

A company providing financial backing for a film can benefit from exemption of any retained taxable profits worth up to 310% of the sums actually paid. The upper limit on investment is 50% of a company's retained profits, up to a limit of $820,000 (€750,000). The investor also receives a return on the sums paid to the producer the applied rate is based on the average Euribor interest rate 12 months from the previous semester augmented by 4.5%.

A producer can attract several different investors to a project as long as the overall amount of the tax shelter certificates does not exceed 100% and may not exceed €15,000,000. A minimum 90% of the tax shelter certificate's value needs to be spent in Belgium, of which a minimum of 70% needs to be directly related to the production and exploitation of the audiovisual work and a maximum 30% on indirect costs.

In order to acquire the optimal investment rate (48.387%), the investor buys the certificate with a maximum value of €700,000 of qualifying expenditure for an amount of €338,709. In return, the investor benefits from a temporary exemption of any retained taxable profits worth up to 310% of the invested sum, in this case €1,049,998. This offers him a fiscal benefit of €18,185. In order to find potential investors and deal with the framework agreement and legal documents, a producer may hire the services of an intermediary. In return for its services, the intermediary will charge a percentage, in this example 12% or €40,645. The net advantage of the Tax Shelter certificate for the producer comes to €338,709 - €40,645 (commission) - €24,570 (interest) = €273,494 = 43% of the qualifying spend in Belgium.


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