Founded in 1984, BUF has established itself as an industry leader in visual effects in Europe. As one of the few pioneers of computer-generated images, BUF has been blazing new trails for over 30 years providing stunning visual effects for more than 1000 films and 1000 commercials.


Born and raised in France, Founder and CEO Pierre Buffin studied art and architecture before devoting himself to CG animation and visual effects. His vision of pairing cutting-edge motion graphic skills with true artistic management on high profile projects has been relied upon by such acclaimed Directors as David Fincher, Ang Lee, The Wachowski siblings, Christopher Nolan, Marc Foster, David Lynch, Oliver Stone, Kenneth Branaugh, Wong Kar Wai, and Denis Villeneuve to name a few.


BUF’s prowess in the field of advanced technologies and artistic craftsmanship is widely known for the “bullet time effect” seen in “The Matrix”, originally developed for Michel Gondry’s video clips; and the “camera mapping” techniques which allowed David Fincher to introduce a new visual language in “Fight Club.” As of today, BUF is one of the few companies in this domain which exclusively uses its own proprietary software from pre-visualization to final render.


Over the years, BUF has also become known as the studio you go to when you don’t know what you want due to their unwavering devotion to building superlative imagery and crafting atmospheres that not only support and enhance the narrative through BUF’s artistry but above all – BUF embraces new artistic challenges that allow for equitable and incomparable results.


BUF’s work force amounts to over 150 employees, CG artists and engineers working between their Paris and Montreal facilities and a liaison office in Los Angeles. BUF also has a partnership with AngeleFine Productions; an internal development and production entity who helps clients apply for the Tax Rebates for International Productions (TRIP) in France.


BUF’s goal remains to provide the best quality pictures with no other limit than one’s imagination.

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