Company Statement

Pierre Buffin (Founder and CEO of BUF) and India Osborne (Producer) created AngeleFine Productions as a full service entity for filmmakers to develop high-quality animation, full cgi and live-action projects for the international market.


Pierre Buffin

Born and raised in Northern France, Pierre Buffin comes from a family of artists, architects and physicians. Intrigued by form, figures and light, Pierre Buffin later refined the construction of his skill with a Major in Architecture in Paris. During his higher education, Pierre Buffin facilitated his livelihood as an illustrator and graphic artist on a series of French graphic novels. Through this process, Pierre Buffin, no longer challenged by lifeless 2D images, discovered the art of 3D.

In 1984, Pierre Buffin created BUF Compagnie, and has since become a leading innovator in the art of computer generated images and effects for film, commercials and videos. Pierre Buffin, in his efforts to facilitate each director’s visual ambition, has been widely celebrated both in Hollywood and the international film community.

His vision of pairing cutting edge motion graphic skills with true artistic management on high profile projects has been relied upon by such acclaimed Directors as Christopher Nolan (The Dark Knight), Kenneth Branagh (Thor), Ang Lee on Life of Pi (2013 Academy Award for Best Visual Effects), Luc Besson and Wong Kar Wai for The Grandmaster (2013 Golden Horse Award for Best Visual Effects) amongst others.

Pierre Buffin’s ongoing commitment to advanced technologies and artistic craftsmanship is widely known for the “bullet time effect” seen in The Matrix, originally developed for Michel Gondry’s video clips; and the “camera mapping” techniques which allowed David Fincher to introduce a new visual language in Fight Club.

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